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D-Lock Glad Hand Locking Device

5th Wheel Tractor Trailer Safety and Locking Device
US Patent #s: Des. 423,322 | Des. 423,323 | Des. 423,324 | Des. 423,325

The last 5th wheel trailer locking device that you will every buy, period.

While working at a tractor-trailer service garage maintaining a fleet of trailers for an international transportation company, about ten to fifteen company trailers in our lot were kept for drop and hook purposes. Drivers would come into the yard with an empty trailer and pick up a loaded trailer.

After a while we noticed that we were missing empty trailers. We were left with no trailers to load, so every night we had to lock all of the trailers with a trailer fifth wheel pin lock. This lock weighs about twenty pounds and is always a greasy mess.

Drivers wanted to drop their trailer and get something to eat or bobtail to a hotel overnight, they would know that their trailer would be there when they got back.

There had to be a better way to lock these trailers every night!

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Past history has proven that most locking devices can be broken into very easy with a hammer or even just a set of plyers due to thier plastic makeup. We wanted to develop a solid steel, virtually unbreakable, all weather lock that did not weigh an excessive amount, was clean and small enough to store in a glove compartment.

Why make it all-weather?

A very basic and simple rule applies to locks and locking devices in general; once a lock with a key gets water in it and it freezes, and becomes useless. Our product has no keyed locking device. It works with both a padlock and a keyed lock.

1 or Many

Wether it be a lock that a whole fleet is keyed for, or just one you had laying around, any Masterlock® will work. Flexibility is the key and as simple as changing out the lock.

Who can use it?

This lock is beneficial for tractor trailer owners / operators to have a glad hand lock to secure their trailer for certain drivers. Service repair shops and DOT (Department of Transportation) inspectors use this device to place unsafe trailers out of service until required repairs are made. The D-Lock is small enough to fit in a glove box and is clean and easy to use. The D-Lock style glad hand lock requires the use of an outside locking device (padlock) to secure it.

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